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Affinity Day Spa

"I absolutely love all of my custom art from Jill!  I did not ask for anything specific, she just knew what I needed in my Spa.  All of my customers walk in and ask where I got my paintings and I love seeing the look on their faces when I say "One of my friend's painted them for me."  They immediately ask if she can paint for them.  I have always loved art and am so blessed to see her work in my spa daily.  I look at them in awe of how beautiful they are and I know each piece was created in it's own unique way.  She is a passionate artist who paints with a purpose and I love being able to share that with my clients.

C. Lira, Owner of Affinity Day Spa

Private Collector
Fort Worth, TX

"Jill makes the world a more beautiful place, not only with her generous soul, but with her art.
-P. Lumbert

Private Collector

"Jill's paintings make me happy and soothe my soul.  They just "speak" to me! I am lucky enough to own four (so far). I can't wait to acquire my next uniquely Jill Masterpiece!"
- Q. Medlin

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