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The Patsy House: Snow!

If you read the first weekend at the Patsy House, it ended with Mother praying for snow. We began our second weekend journey with a historic forecast for snow and freezing weather for the upcoming days. On our way to the farm, I told Mother we might get snowed in for the week and she said, “that will be okay” and smiled. I brought quite a supply of food and we both packed mostly pajamas and sweaters. We arrived at sunset, it was so cold, but we were so very happy to be back at the Patsy House. Upon arrival, the kitchen was full of new supplies, which enhanced Mother’s excitement. We briefly saw the ducks on the pond before the sun went down. I unloaded everything and Mother discovered that George made a bedroom just for her. She squealed with delight seeing the new bed, dresser, nightstand and TV. We put clean sheets on the bed, new blankets, pillows and bedding. She was like a little girl with excitement, like it was Christmas. To say she felt special is an understatement! Mother also brought white soft robes for us; one for my bathroom and one for hers. We happily looked through all the new supplies in the kitchen that Sondi and George provided; vacuum, swifter, cleaning supplies, new silverware along with new pots and pans, snacks and wine (which Mother pretended was not there). We happily found the perfect place for all the supplies and giddily squeeled with delight and happiness as we sat in our pajamas eating tuna subway sandwiches.

Saturday morning, February 13th, was bitterly cold at 23 degrees, with a few random snow flurries fluttering around. The coffee was brewing, I made biscuits with honey, scrambled eggs with onions and veggie sausage. I found a vintage TV tray in a closet and set it up for Mother and served her breakfast. A little later, I decided it would be a good idea to head to the local little grocery store, “The Piggly Wiggly” (not kidding) to retrieve a few more food supplies, in the event we were snowed in for the week. One, I have never been to a “Piggly Wiggly” in my life, two, I am pretty sure I looked like an alien to these small town folks when I entered with my faux fur coat, Ugg rain / snow boots and my Louis Vuitton bag. The attire for the other shoppers consisted of over-alls, cover-alls, camoflouge and bright hunting orange. I felt really out of place, but grabbed a basket and filled it with really over-priced items. When I arrived at the checkout, the young lady, with absolutely no expression and monotone voice said, “put in your phone number if you want your “pig points”. ” At this moment, I was waiting for someone to start oinking. I looked over and noticed gorgeous pale pink roses with baby’s breath. I knew Mother would love them and she did! Later that day, George and Sondi brought Daddy out so he could give Mother a card and Valentine’s Day candy. They brought lunch, we had a good visit and they left shortly afterward. In the kitchen, I began making potato soup and the aroma was all throughout the house. Mother sat in the swivel chair in the living room with the poodle in her lap and staring at the view of the pasture, trees, pond and birds with a big smile on her face.

We woke up Sunday, Valentine’s Day to a chilling 19 degrees with an expected low of 9. It is very rare to see the temps get this cold. The pond began freezing around the edges and our little duck friends were still happily swimming in the areas that were not yet frozen. Mother began fretting about the birds and if they had food. She kept asking what we should feed them. First, she crumbled crackers and bread on the deck and later we put out crushed peanuts (apparently, Cardinals like sunflower seeds and crushed peanuts). As the snow was coming down, I realized we might need additional medical supplies for Mother and Chris kindly agreed to drive out to bring them. Emily and Daddy rode along, as did Zed the chocolate lab. They brought a delicious breakfast from Ms. Anna’s. Mother enjoyed family being here and her breakfast burrito, which she said was “the best she ever had”. By the afternoon, the pond was frozen, snow covered the deck and ground. Mother’s prayer for snow was answered. Oh, how it was answered! What a treasure to spend the entire Valentine’s Day with the first person that ever loved me.

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