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Love it or Dump it

As in most frustrations in life, you learn to love (or live with whatever it might be) or dump it. Whether it’s clothing, food, a relationship or in this case, a painting. For seven long weeks, I worked on a painting….layer after layer, upside, downside, used every tool & brush I own. One day I loved it, the next I hated it. So many frustrations, emotions, feelings, tears & someone even laughing at it! I seriously wanted to run to a big dumpster (on multiple occasions) and have the satisfaction of hearing it hit the bottom. After a failed attempt to give it away, I stared at it for a long while. Every brush stroke has a personal meaning, each object represents something personal and so very special, the emotions & passion that inspired it will now forever hang on my wall in remembrance.

Love is sometimes complicated. So happy I experienced the ups & downs it took to get this piece on my wall.

I chose to love it & it will forever be named “The dumpster” because I dumped emotions I didn’t know I had into it this piece. ❤️

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