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There are no “Goodbyes”, it’s “See you soon”

  1. How much fun did I have? Wow! This week, I finished an oil painting that I enjoyed from start to finish. From the sketch, outlines, layers, and watching it dry for a week. I positioned it on my baby grand piano so the natural light of the room would shine through each morning. Many times a day, I walked through the room and admired the beauty of the lady on canvas. Oh, how I admire a woman who is confident enough to stand that way.

  2. Loving something and saying “Goodbye” is too difficult. Saying, “See you later” feels much better.

This lovely Lady is on her way to her new home. I will see her again. I will remember what inspired her and I will treasure her confidence.

So, no goodbyes. I’ll see you soon!

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